St. John’s Day School will be physically closed for students through April 17, 2020. Please share this proposed learning plan and lists of free educational websites/resources.

This is the way we will serve students while the school is closed:

Step 1

A parent or guardian(not a student) will come to the school gym on Monday, March 23, to pick up books and learning packets. The gym will be open from 7:00 a. m. until 6:00 p. m. A faculty/staff member will be present to give out materials, but we want to keep human contact to a minimum per CDC guidelines. No child should come to the gym, and no group should congregate. We need this to be quick and efficient. A bag or backpack may be needed to collect all the materials.

Step 2

Students should complete the learning activities in the packet. Some of the materials/activities will be for practice; some will be graded. These will be specified in the packets. All assignments need to be completed. We suggest no more than 1-3 hours need to be spent on schoolwork plus 1-2 hours outside if possible.

Step 3

Return completed assignments by March 30 or other specified dates via emails, texts, or by physically dropping them off at the school. Bins will be placed on the front porch. Additional assignments will be made on a weekly basis via emails, texts, and/or printed materials if necessary. These will be made available on the front porch as well.

Step 4

For these practices to be effective, communication is crucial. Teachers may be contacted by email, GroupMe, texts, and committed phone times. Please do not hesitate to contact any staff/faculty member if you have questions. My (Mrs. Stone’s) cell number is 601- 580-2124.

We can do this!