Remind is a free service that lets the office send quick messages via text, push notifications, or email to everyone in the school. Please download the Remind app on a computer or mobile device to help keep you informed about schoolwide events and emergency alerts. We’ll be able to stay in touch without revealing any personal contact information. Signing up for messages on Remind is easy.

Receive messages via text message

Step 1

Text the office class code to 81010. The class code is @sjdsoffice.

Step 2

Reply to the message from the Remind team with your first and last name, and you’re in!

Receive messages via push notification

Step 1

Download the Remind app on your Android or iOS device.

Step 2

Once you’ve downloaded the app, create a parent account with your email address.

Step 3

Go to the Classes tab, tap the +, and enter our unique class code. That’s it!


Each class has a GroupMe set up by the office at the beginning of each school year. Please download the GroupMe app on a computer or mobile device. You will receive a text message when you are added to your child’s class.

Google Calendar

The school year calendar is available on our website at The office also provides a Google Calendar link to connect the school year calendar to a computer or mobile device. Adding the calendar to your mobile device will allow you to view events and the lunch menu.

iCal Link: (For iPhones)

Google Calendar Link: (For computers)

PraxiSchool & E-mail Messaging

It is very important to have current information in the PraxiSchool system. The office sends weekly e-mails through PraxiSchool. Visit to update your information throughout the school year. E-mails from the office through PraxiSchool will come through as Office – St. John’s Day School. Please make sure to add this to your contacts and check your spam folder to ensure you are receiving messages.

Facebook & Instagram

The office updates Facebook and Instagram daily. Find us on Facebook at Look for @sjdslaurel and #sjdslaurel on Instagram.