Annual Events

Part of what makes St. John’s a special educational environment is the unique events that take place each year outside of the classroom. Please find highlighted below the major events that take place each school year at St. John’s.

Chapel Programs: One of our students’ most joyful times throughout the school year is the weekly chapel meetings held every Wednesday. The rector of St. John’s Day School or other visiting ministers visit with the children and give a brief Bible lesson, oftentimes involving the children in the teaching of the lesson. In addition, each class is assigned one Wednesday per year during which they perform a chapel program for the entire school. These programs are usually seasonally themed and provide an excellent opportunity for students to build their confidence, self-esteem, and show off their acting and singing abilities.

Book Fair: During the last week of August and the first week of September each year, the Scholastic Book Fair comes to town. During the week of Book Fair festivities, Grand People are invited and celebrated. There is also a Family Night where all family members are invited to shop at the Book Fair. Parents are allowed to shop with their child and his/her class throughout the week. This event raises funds to grow our library each year.

Birthday Books: Students choose a book from the library to purchase for their birthday. If parents decide to purchase the book, Mrs. Wendy will place a birthday label in the front of the book and the student will be presented with the book during the chapel nearest his/her birthday. Once the child is finished reading the book, it is donated back to the library to help our library grow.

Field Trips: All grades from K3 through 6th at St. John’s enhance their learning experience through field trips. The type of trip varies depending on the activities for that year. In addition to these field trips taken by every class, the sixth grade class takes a special “senior” trip at the end of the school year. These trips have included trips to the World’s Fair, Washington D. C., and to Kanuga.

Luncheons: All students, family, and friends of St. John’s participate in two luncheons each year: Thanksgiving and Mardi Gras. The Thanksgiving luncheon is held the Friday before Thanksgiving break with a traditional feast being served. The Mardi Gras luncheon is held on Fat Tuesday with traditional Mardi Gras foods being served and live music. Students create artwork and centerpieces for both luncheons.

Eaglefest: This fall festival is hosted each October by the Parents’ Club. It serves the dual purpose as our Parents’ Club annual fundraiser and a celebration for our children and the community.  Special t-shirts are created, and supper and raffle tickets are sold. That evening students may use armbands to participate in the various activities in the backyard from moon jumps to air slides to bungee runs to numerous games.

Air Jam: This outrageously fun event is held each spring by the current sixth grade class as a fundraiser for the annual class trip. Air Jam is a talent show open to all faculty, staff, parents, friends, and students in grades K3 through 6th. Students enjoy coming out to participate in the show or just to watch their friends perform.

Flowering of the Cross: One of the most special traditions of St. John’s is the flowering of the crosses. On the Thursday before the Good Friday holiday, all students are asked to bring flowers and greenery from their yards and gardens to make a flowered cross. A ceremony is held on the front steps of the school where Parent’s Club decorates a large cross in the center of the front porch. Each class then presents their special cross, and it is hung on the railing of the porch as part of the celebration of Easter.

Field Day: K5 – 6th students walk to nearby Gardiner Park for the annual Field Day activities. The school is divided into two teams: green and white. The teams compete against one another in games ranging from sack races to tug-of-war. Field Day is one of the children’s favorite days of the year.

May Day: Ask someone in the community what they first think of when you mention St. John’s Day School and they are likely to say May Day. For over 70 years, students of St. John’s have celebrated the wrapping up of the school year with this traditional pageant. Each year a theme is chosen, and songs and choreography are developed around that theme. Each class wears appropriate costumes and performs songs and dances developed by the music instructor. The highlight of the evening’s entertainment is the dancing of the Maypole by the sixth grade class. Following the performance, the children enjoy backyard games and activities, along with a dinner and silent auction.

Graduation: Each year graduation services are held for K5 and most importantly sixth grade. K5 graduation is held in the gymnasium during the morning. Sixth grade graduation is held in the evening in the beautiful St. John’s Episcopal Church. A keynote address is made by a parent or alumni to challenge the students and diplomas and awards are presented.