The doors to St. John’s Day School were opened in 1950 with only a handful of students. Now there are nearly 200 students being instructed and groomed in patterns that will ensure each child’s successful preparation for future educational endeavors and for adulthood.

Thanks to the foresight of William S. Mann (Rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church) and the generosity and dedicated interest of Jane Rogers Hynson (granddaughter of the original owners of the home), the Day School continues to be a unique and progressive academic institution. Girded by a philosophy of moral and spiritual values and committed to the academic, physical, and cultural pursuits necessary to a well-rounded education, St. John’s enjoys a special heritage as it progressively moves into its fifth decade.

While there are many things about St. John’s we would like you to know, perhaps the most important is that we are a family. Teachers here know not only the names of their current and past students but of all the students in the school. Generation after generation return to St. John’s and the warm loving educational environment that it provides its students. Students return to visit during special events and don’t miss a May Day reunion if they can help it…

The St. John’s family is ever-growing and ever-changing with the times; however, the faith, love, and care of children that are at its heart remain the same.